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About Nick Wilcox-Brown

Working with cameras from an early age, I started as a photographer on a regional magazine in Dorset in the ‘90s, after a false start in farming.

I was the only staff photographer and consequently called upon to cover a wide range of stories and photographic genres; interiors, fashion, portraits, events, but thankfully no cheques. My editor, Alan Chalcraft’s first words to me were “Bring me a picture of a big cheque and you will not have a job”; good training in innovation.

Animal stories were always a favourite - Otter reintroductions on the River Stour, Great Crested Newts and regular visits to Longleat, where I can count playing with both juvenile Elephants and Rhino as formative experiences.

In my free time, I printed black and white photographs for many interesting people, among them, explorer John Blashford-Snell. When he was let down at short notice for a trip, I was co-opted in to photograph an expedition to Nepal, where an isolated population of ‘Giant’ Elephants were discovered, putting paid to the myth that Asian Elephants are smaller than their African cousins. Suddenly I had ‘The’ pictures and the world’s press wanted copies of my slides - these were the days preceding digital.

I have been fortunate to have a varied career, working with and for some amazing people, photographing everything from animals to interiors, cars to country houses, but in the background, there have always been animals. Over the last few years, I have made part of my living as a wildlife cameraman, giving me incredible opportunities to view many species at close quarters. One of the most interesting projects has been in Uganda, making films for a small, but very significant organisation that provides infrastructure for the Uganda Wildlife Authority to help fight poaching and protect Rothchild’s Giraffe.

My photographic darkroom has now been replaced by a Mac and although I sometimes miss the smell of warm fixer in the morning, I am much more organised than I used to be with film. I also have more freedom to make the small adjustments that make a good image into a great one. Subtlety is everything in digital photography; I very rarely use photoshop “If it shouldn’t be there, don’t take the picture.”

More recently film has become the main source of income and the challenge it presents is welcome with the need to think about cameras, light, sound and movement. Fascinating.

I run regular workshops, teaching wildlife photography and post-production, with Adobe Lightroom and film skills for Photographers, often in conjunction with Canon.


Film and TV

“The film is lovely and it was a pleasure to work with you!”
Verity White, Five Films, (small UK commercial)

"Having worked with Nick on a number of occasions I can wholeheartedly recommend him. As a filmmaker he has a keen eye for detail, composition and colour, which helps him to produce some great visuals. Allied to this is an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of technical 'stuff' that is incredibly useful, and spans camerawork, editing, sound recording and stills photography. He's also incredibly diligent and will go the extra mile to get footage that is just right. I'm sure we'll be working together again soon."
Jason Porthouse, Editor and Director.

"Thanks again for your footage – it was a godsend … well done on getting it and spending two days trying! … hope to work with you again soon"
Stephen McQuillan, Series Producer for The One Show, Icon Films (long-lens wildlife footage for The One Show)

“A charming, beautifully made film. I agree with the filmmaker that the authenticity of the voices in the film bring an extra dimension to the narrative.”
Laura Marshall, Icon Films, Judge at Shepton Digital Festival 2012 (talking about 'Horse Tales')

“Thank you to everyone involved - especially Verity White and Nick Wilcox-Brown it was a pleasure working with you all”
Michael Keigwin, Founder of Uganda Conservation Foundation (Wildlife Cameraman on four films for Uganda Wildlife Authority)

” Superlative quality – I would love to be able to achieve this level of perfection”
Angela Williams, Judge at Shepton Digital Festival 2012 (talking about 'For the Love of Fine Paper')

"A great film - many thanks"
Clifford Mann, Project Lead, Link Zanzibar (film showing charity in operation in hospital, Zanzibar, E. Africa)


"They look beautiful, absolutely stunning. I want to move in!"
Janice Rae, Engage HQ: describing interior images, shot for a client.

"A triumph! There’s not a bad one amongst these – very well done."

David Holloway, Marketing Director, Rathbone Unit Trust Management Limited (Individual portraits of 30 staff)

"thanks for taking those amazing photos of the music video 'Sequoia' by @LundQuartet at @TheBottleYard"
180 Rental, Bristol (stills of music video)

"Thank you so much for the stunning images you took – they are fantastic. We are so excited to have a wide range of fantastic images for us to use to promote the event over the coming year and raise more funds for Barnardo’s work.
Your help was invaluable and I’m so glad you enjoyed the weekend! Thank you!"
Pamela Shorney, Barnado's (action / portraits of participants in Barnado's Cardiff Marathon)

"Thanks for the photo shoot. We are really pleased with the images."
Richard, Director of Bridgwater Vet Group (portraits / Interiors of Veterinary practices)


Stills>Video Workshops

"Thanks for a very enjoyable couple of days, I do feel more confident about doing my own productions in future. It made a lot of difference having a small group of interested, good natured participants. So it was fun as well as informative"
Michael Crockett; Advertising Photographer, London, UK

"great video training I've really enjoyed it"
Paul Fosbury; Fashion photographer

"Thanks for all your hard work I had a really good time"
DD; photographer

"Thanks very much Nick. Very much enjoyed the day....fab not having to travel up to London!"
LB, BBC Technical specialist, Bristol.t


“It was a pleasure to use those beautiful recordings."
Dan Berridge, Sound Designer; BBC Natural World ‘Iceland - Land of Ice and Fire’