WILCOX BROWN Film and Photography

Articles and Writing

Nick writes regularly on a range of subjects (including subbing a lot of medical articles for Jo, his wife). Listed below are some written on topics related to Film, Photography and Natural History film-making.

This is what we want: What the European Commissioners Want; One-offs and Specials (WildScreen 2014)
Commissioners from some of Europe’s top channels ; France 5, BBC Natural World, NDR and ORF - did just that...It was called 'This is What we Want - One Offs and Specials! . .and this is what they said….

Audio for DSLR - Part 1 (AoP Image magazine 2011)
Capturing good audio is actually much easier than you might think....

Audio for DSLR - Part 2 (AoP Image magazine 2012)
In this, the second article, we take it a step further, dramatically improving the quality of the recorded audio and making it suitable for use in advertising and broadcast mediums.

Effective Image Cataloguing, 2009 (Canon CPN)
Can you find the image that you want in less than five minutes? If the answer is ‘no’ then you may need to explore what are the best options for cataloguing your photographic work.

The Language of Colour (2004) (Canon Europe's Pro Services site, CPN)
When this was written, Colour management was still not mainstream in the photo world and printers were regularly printing documents with incorrect colour, even for major clients.
Now slightly out of date, The Language of Colour was written for Canon and published as a series of 6 articles (51 pages). with the aim of helping photographers to understand the technology and make it work

This is what we want: Bluechip on a Beer budget (WildScreen 2014)
That budgets are falling across the industry is no secret, but making a beautiful looking, ‘Bluechip’ production on a Beer budget? Is it possible?

Moving beyond Stills (Canon / Calumet 2010)
Digital photography has already democratised the photographic industry over the last five years and the movie industry is likely to follow in short order.

Tilt and Shift Lenses (Canon CPN 2009)
Who really needs to use tilt and shift lenses? Surely these are simply optical tools designed for architectural photographers to eliminate converging verticals?

LAPP - Painting with Light (Canon CPN)
Light Art Performance Photography (aka LAPP-PRO) are a Bremen-based duo – JanLeonardo Wöllert and Jörg Miedza - who specialise in performance photography, and ‘Light Sculpture’.

Sharpening your act, 2007 (Canon CPN)

How to sharpen still images for optimum look and definition

A Wider View, 2007 (Phase One)
Arguably wide angle is one of the most technical disciplines in photography and the choice of equipment will have a major impact on the final results. This article gives that technical perspective and is focused on equipment that can be used to achieve great wide angle results.