WILCOX BROWN Film and Photography

Commercial Film

Mark's Bread

Mark's Bread in Bedminster, South Bristol, is an institution. Everything is hand-made and organic, right down to the croissants and jam.

This is how they make their bread.

For the Love of Fine Paper

Produced as a promo for web and trade show use by St Cuthberts Papermill.

St Cuthbert's Mill is nestled in the shadow of the Mendip hills in Somerset, England. Paper has been made on this site since the 1700s, utilising the pure waters of the River Axe that issue forth from the cave at Wookey Hole.

With the 100 year-old cylinder mould machine, one of the few left in the world, master papermakers produce beautiful papers with stunning texture and excellent surface stability that are used by artists and photographers world-wide.

This is a story about how the paper is made.

Horse Tales

John Boyd textiles manufacture an almost unique product - Horse hair fabric.

Used on chairs and walls in some of the finest buildings in the UK, Europe and beyond, this traditional fabric is still produced on unique looms, built in a local Somerset town, and now over 150 years old.

The production process is a labour of love and it shows in the people that work in a factory that has changed little in a hundred years.The narrative is by the workers who produce the fabric. Do you think it adds or detracts from the film?

Horse Tales was winner of the 2012 'Icon Films Non-fiction film under 8 minutes' at Shepton Mallet Digital Art Festival.

Judged by Icon Films, Aardman Animations and other leading figures in the industry at this small, but very influential festival.

One of Two

One of the first films I made, back in 2010, this is a short film about classic English sports cars, the Morgan.

Hand made in Malvern, Worcestershire, the brand evolved rapidly under the steady hand of Charles Morgan, great Grandson of the company's founder and owner of the AeroMax shown here.

Life in the Valley

Now old, but favourites - this and the following film were a proofs of concept for a marketing project with a local farming company in the Chew Valley in Somerset.

Milking 500 cows