WILCOX BROWN Film and Photography

The International Centre for Birds of Prey


Two of a series of five, films made for a visit by HRH The Princess Royal to celebrate the first 50 years of the International Centre for Birds of Prey, in Gloucestershire, England.

Founded in 1967 and now known of their impressive collection of Raptors and the pioneering work they have done to further breeding projects worldwide, this film concentrates on their rehabilitation work with injured and sick raptors in the UK.

The project was quite complex: scripts were written and narrated and the film clips had to be cut to be fit the audio. Some the topics were quite factual and hard to illustrate, while others were out of season, necessitating a small amount of green screen.


Little Owl Nest Box Project

This film concentrates on their work in the UK including nest boxes for Little Owls and Kestrels.